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The Loose Caboose Antiques and Crafts Festival is an annual event that showcases the local antique dealers and craftsmen. There is always fun for the whole family and look forward to something new every year. So plan ahead for the next labor day weekend to visit Purcell, OK and be a part of the next Loose Caboose Festival.


We have a wide variety of vendors that will be at the festival. Come on out and check them out. Want to be a vendor next year? Just click here to email us about vending details.

Aniques, Collectibles and Crafts

Bunch Antiques and Craft

Peggy Turner's Quilting Supplies- Fat Quarter Frenzy

Hulsey Crafts

Granny's Trunk Antiques

Jeff & Joys Gifts and Collectibles

T. Love Antiques

Bayless Old Children's Books

Palmer Crafts and Fine Jewelry

Ulrich Crafts

Piddlers Paradise Antiques

C. King Crafts

T's Antiques

Pope Crafts and Antiques

Larry Shearer Crafts

Jones Antiques and Crafts

Thomas King Crafts

Blue Moon Crafts

Grapevine Antiques

Golden Apple Enterprises- Crafts

Klutter Bugz Antiques and Collectibles

Mary's baskets and Bouquets- Crafts

Auntie Mae's Antiques and Collectibles

Canadian River Winery - Wine and unusual hats

Bobbie and Rita's Crafts Butler's Antiques

Duane Navarre Crafts


David Edwards - Art

The Walking R Ring Toss- Children's Art

Schanz Yard and Garden Things Metal Art


T&T Concessions

LWC Ladies Group