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The Loose Caboose Antiques and Crafts Festival is an annual event that showcases the local antique dealers and craftsmen. There is always fun for the whole family and look forward to something new every year. So plan ahead for the next labor day weekend to visit Purcell, OK and be a part of the next Loose Caboose Festival.


All the festivities begin at 9am Saturday September 2nd. There is as always great food, beautiful antiques and crafts, and all kinds of live music. Below is the live music schedule.

Opening at 9 AM - "The Star Spangled Banner" by Rebecca Chappell                 

9:15  AM Open music                 

10:00 AM Enjoy the Gospel singing by Pam Rayburn

10:30 AM Local star Kristin Widner presents her own dynamic singing with a soulful flair

11:00  AM You can't miss the great mix of top notch bluegrass and hilarious comedy of Roy Barnes and the Keeners                 

12 Noon Cori Cagley will give us a taste of her own blend of contemporary and country song stylings.

1:00 PM Chasity Watkins shares with us her vocal talent through country and other singing styles

2:00 PM      Andi Millsap will bless us with her presentation of different Gospel songs with her own flavor.                

2:30 PM    Parker Millsap presents his many abilities

3:00 PM Get funky with it with funk/jazz by JT and The Flash