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The Loose Caboose Antiques and Crafts Festival is an annual event that showcases the local antique dealers and craftsmen. There is always fun for the whole family and look forward to something new every year. So plan ahead for the next labor day weekend to visit Purcell, OK and be a part of the next Loose Caboose Festival.

Great variety - from handmade aprons & kitchen good, custom made granite cheeseboards, antiques, collectibles, rustics, herbs, spices, teas, yard art, one of a kind hand made crafts, re-purposed glass art and jewelry, etc.

Food Court

Monie Horsechief - Indian Tacos

Aurora Torres - Homemade Tamales

Backroad Gril - Everything BBQ / drinks

Mmp Concessions- Corn dogs, funnel cakes, curly fries,fried Oreos, etc./ drinks June Bugs - Fresh fried pork rinds, fried mac & cheese,taquitos/ frozen lemonade

and much more